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Drum heaters, heating bands from 25 liters to 1000 liters IBC thermostatic covers, for special thermochemical treatments


The drum heaters and thermostatic blankets equipped with thermostats adjustable from 0 °> 150 ° are designed and manufactured in the shape and stratigraphy structure for absolute control of thermal dissipation.
    With the 6.10 polyamide sheath stratigraphy they have the function of overcoming the problem due to the drop in kinematic fluidity in liquid or high viscosity compound materials, favoring the cross-linking process in the processing of adhesives and adhesives.
   Voltage at 220 v, power 1000 W is the version of the 1000 liter IBC blankets], they are equipped with lobster clasps to make operations quick and easy with an operating time of ten to fifteen minutes, the shape structure guarantees leakage control thermal with consequent energy savings.   We propose solutions of hot chambers in polycarbonate panels for special storage treatments, solutions for silos, tanks beyond volumetric standards.
Matteo Diotisalvi : 0039 3774326626
mail  matteodiotisalvi@hotmail.it 

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