La presente versione del  pannello radiante in policarbonato  è di 155x40x4,5 cm  le caratteristiche della struttura alveolare sono  medesime alle  versioni precedenti  , la potenza è leggermente  superiore : 420 W  .
La versatilità consente di adattarli in qualsiasi ambiente , qualsiasi posizione  e direzione .

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Drum heaters and thermostatic blankets from 25 lt to 1000 lt


The heaters and thermostatic blankets of warmset technology, have capacities from 25 lt to 1000 lt, equipped with a snap-hook for easy assembly, are equipped with thermostats adjustable from 0 ° to 150 ° to optimize the speed of thermochemical storage. We have often supplied in the sector for food packaging, glue and adhesive processing processes and medium-high viscosity materials to solve the pump draft problem to favor the production yield.

The structure-form is designed for an absolute control of dissipations 

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