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Radiant panels for wall heating to compensate for thermal imbalances




 Not infrequently in homes there is some thermal imbalance, to overcome this unconventional it is necessary to create a balanced thermal comfort that must be perceived in the environment. The radiant panels in resin-coated metal (with a quartz finish coating) meet this need.
With an operating time of a few minutes to reach the ideal temperature and a prolonged stay of heat, they have an irradiation of 8.00 m2 and are ideal for balancing the areas of thermal imbalance (especially in the walls facing north) and in particular areas of the house with accentuated thermal bridges.
The power is 400 W, the operating cost according to current energy tariffs is only 10.00 cents per hour,
They are ideal for any environment, they generate balanced thermal comfort for the physiological perception of a high standard of living well-being.

Matteo Diotisalvi tel 0039 3774326626
mail: matteodiotisalvi@hotmail.it.